Curculigo orchioides commonly called golden eye-grassxian maoweevil-wort Black jinsang. Bangla- তাল্মুলি Curculigo orchioides is a stemless evergreen perennial herb producing a cluster of leaves from the roots and spreading to form a clump. It grows up to 50 cm tall.The plant is gathered from the wild and used in traditional medicine throughout its range and is traded in small quantities in local markets. Modern research has validated several of its traditional uses.

Curculigo orchioides-তাল্মুলি Family: Hypoxidaceae
Curculigo orchioides-তাল্মুলি
Family: Hypoxidaceae

Medicinal Uses: According to Ayurveda, root is heating, aphrodisiac, alternative, appetizer, fattening and useful in treatment of piles, biliousness, fatigue, blood related disorders etc. According to Unani system of medicine, root is carminative, tonic, aphrodisiac, antipyretic and useful in bronchitis, ophthalmia, indigestion, vomiting, diarrhea, lumbago, gonorrhea, gleet, hydrophobia, joint pains etc.


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