Scientific name: Euphorbia neriifolia L.

Family: Euphorbiaceae

Synonym: Euphorbia edulis Lour.

Bengali/Vernacular name: Kanta-manasa, Mansa, Mansasij, Patasij, Reng.

English name: Indian spurge tree, Hedge euphorbiaceae, Oleander spurge.

Description of the plant: A succulent plant with twisting columnar branches. It is often mistaken for a cactus. Leaves alternate, obovate to narrowly oblanceolate, obtuse at the apex, attenuate at the base, margin entire, glabrous, fleshy. Flowers are small, yellow, like small buttons, alternating with the thorns, all along the stem, arranged spirally.

Euphorbia neriifolia 

Plant parts used: Leaf, stem, and root.

Ethnomedicinal uses: A paste is made from the roots of the plant and black pepper is applied on the biting place once a day for two days to treat snake bite.

Juice prepared from the stems of the plant is used for the treatment of bronchitis, tumours, piles, fever, and anal fistula.

Milky juice is used for the treatment of piles, leucoderma, and inflammation.

Juice prepared from stems of the plant is administered as a care for cough.

Fluid from roasted leaves used for earache.

A fresh juice is extracted from the leaves of the plant is used for asthma.

Distribution: The species occurs in most of the districts.

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