Scientific name: Tinospora crispa (L.) Hook. f. & Thoms.

Family: Menispermaceae

Synonym: Menispermum crispum L.

Bengali/Vernacular name: Gulancha, Padmaguruz (Rema-Kalenga).

Tribal name: Atavei-ajing (Khumi); Kran-chai (Khasia); Khap-jora, Dungsha sundari, Fati-blei (Tripura); Jan ludi, joino loti, Jhioludi (Chakma); Kobrunui, Khrung nok, Luri nibiha (Marma).

English name: Heavenly elixir.

Description of the plant: A lofty, woody, climber, entirely glabrous. Stem tuberculate or warted. Leaves broadly ovate to orbicular, apex long acuminate, base deeply to shallowly cordate, margin entire, with 3-5 basal nerves. Flowers are pale green and short pedicelled. Fruits a drupe, circular or ellipsoidal, yellow or orange colour, in long cluster.

Tinospora crispa

Plant parts used: Stem.

Medicinal uses: Four to five pieces (size 2 inch each) of stem are soak in a glass of water for whole night and the extract is taken in the next morning for the treatment of high blood pressure and piles.

The stem is given as blood purifier and used in stomach disorder.

Juice extracted from stems of the plant is taken to treat gastric ulcer and malaria.

Pills made from the dried stems of the plant with honey are taken to treat paralysis.

Distribution: It occurs in Chittagong, Chittaong Hill Tracts, Noakhali, Sylhet, Dinajpur, Panchagarh, Sherpur and other part of the country.

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