Scientific name: Terminalia bellirica (Gaertn.)Roxb.

Family: Combretaceae

Synonym: Myrobalanus bellirica Gaertn.

Bengali/Vernacular name: Bahera, Boyra.

Tribal name: Bara sara, Bora gulo, Bora-gach (Chakma); Sacheng (Mogh); Bol-suiri (Garo); Ka sing ba, Cha ching ti, Soi sing si (Marma); Dedaowang, Boyra-phang (Tripura); Boya gula (Tanchangya); Sacheng (Murang); Sikabu (Pangkhoa); Pangathe (Rakhaing).

English name: Belaric myrobalan, Bastard myrobalan.Description of the plant: A large deciduous tree, 30-40 m high, with large spreading head. Leaves simple, broadly obovate-elliptic to obovate-oblong, apex rounded or obtuse, obtuse or cuneate at the base, margin entire, densely clustered at the end of branchlets. Flowers in axillary, solitary or clustered spikes, yellowish colour. Fruit a drupe, subglobose to broadly ellipsoid, very hard when dry, slightly longitudinally ridged, densely velvety pubescent, seed solitary.

Terminalia bellirica

Plant parts used: Fruit.

Medicinal uses: Infusion made from the fruits of the plant is taken to treat anorexia, cardiac weakness, hypertension.

Decoction made from the fruits of the plant is taken in empty stomach to treat cough.

Powder made form fruits of the plant with water is taken every morning in empty stomach to treat dysentery.

Powder made from fruit with leaf juice of Punica granatum is taken to treat worm.

Paste prepared from fruits of the plant is applied to treat baldness.

Distribution: It is usually found in deciduous Sal forest of Dhaka, Comilla, Mymensingh, Tangail districts and also in the forests of Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar districts and planted elsewhere.

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