Scientific name: Streblus asper Lour.

Family: Moraceae

Synonym: Streblus lactescens Blume

Bengali/Vernacular name: Sheora, Asshaora, Harbi, Harbon, Hekra (Bengali); Harba (Noakhali, Chittagong).

Tribal name: Dhubsurudi, Sarbo (Chakma); Umgnai (Mogh); Hadha gach, Oney bang, Wahnebang, Owah nai mraai, Wainghini, (Marma); Saola bipang (Garo); Onney-bawn, Wohin (Rakhaing); Sharbua gaas (Tanchangya); Sa-rua (Tripura).

English name: Siamese roughbush, Sand paper tree, Toothbrush tree.

Description of the plant: A bushy, small, evergreen tree with milky juice. Leaves simple, alternate-distichous, elliptic-obovate to rhomboid, acute at the leaf apex, basally cuneate, margin bluntly toothed, very rough on both surface, petiole very short. Inflorescence bisexual, male flowers in axillary, peduncled heads or spikes, female flowers in clusters which are surrounded by male flowers, colour greenish-yellow. Fruit a drupe, globose, yellow to orange when ripe, 1-seeded.

Streblus asper

Plant parts used: Leaf.

Medicinal uses: Decoction of leaves is taken for the treatment of paralysis.

 Extract made from leaves of the plant, hot bath is advised to have once a day for seven days with that extracts to treat skin disease.

Leaf juice is taken to treat stomachache.

Distribution:  This species is found throughout the Bangladesh.

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