Scientific name: Impatiens balsamina L.

Family: Balsaminaceae

Synonym: Balsamina coccinea (Sims) DC.

Bengali/Vernacular name: Dupati, Dopatta.

Tribal name: Dhayn-payn (Chak), Thetra (Khumi), Zir-khuang (Lushai), Che-pan (Murang).

English name: Garden balsam, Rose balsam, Lady slipper.

Description of the plant: An annual herb, up to 80 cm tall. The leaves are spirally-arranged, 3-9 cm long, lanceolate, base cuneate, apex acute, serrate along margin. Flowers are axillary, showy, 2 to 3 cm long, usually pink, but forms with white, red, purple, or variegated petals are also found in cultivation. Capsules spindle-shaped, tomentose.

Impatiens balsamina

Plant parts used: Leaf, flower.

Ethnomedicinal uses: A paste is made with the leaves of the plant is applied to treat broken nails.

Leaf juice is used for the treatment of warts.

The plant is used to treat painful inflammation, joint pain, carbuncles,

The flowers of the plant are used for snake bite, lumbago, intercostal neuralgia, and dysmenorrhoea.

Distribution: It is found in all districts.

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