Scientific name: Cleome rutidosperma DC.

Family: Capparaceae

Synonym: Cleome ciliata Schumach. & Thonn.

Bengali/Vernacular name: Begunehurhurey.

Tribal name: Soto hurhuri (Manipuri).

English name: Fringed spider flower.

Description of the plant: A plant with spreading and prostrate branches and leaves divided in 3 leaflets. Flowers are small, violet-blue, 5 mm long, borne on long stalks from the leaf axil of the flowering stems. Fruit is cylindrical and curved, about 5 cm long, with numerous round, reddish-brown to black seeds, 1.5 mm diameter with barred surfaces.

Cleome rutidosperma

Plant parts used: Leaf, stem.

Ethnomedicinal uses: Juice extracted from the leaves and stems of the plant is used to treat earache.

A paste is made with the leaves and stems of the plant are applied after warming on the affected part of the body once a day for thirty days to treat paralysis.

Decoction prepared from the leaves of the plant is taken twice a day until the epilepsy is cured.

Leaves of the plant are used for the treatment of convulsion and spasm.

Distribution: It is found all over the country.

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