Scientific name: Cleome viscosa L.

Family: Capparaceae

Synonym: Polanisia viscosa (L.) Blume

Bengali/Vernacular name: Halde hurhure, Hurhuria.

Tribal name: Crachi (Chakma).

English name: Asian spider flower, Tickweed.

Description of the plant: An annual erect herb, densely clothed with glandular hairs. Leaves 3-5 foliolate; leaflets elliptic-oblong or obovate, acute or obtuse, the terminal the largest and reaching 4.3 cm long. Flowers yellow, axillary, growing out into lax racemes. Capsule is cylindric, 4-7 cm long, glandular-hairy, and narrowed above.

Cleome viscosa

Plant parts used: Leaf.

Ethnomedicinal uses: A paste is made with the leaves of the plant are applied on the navel region to treat stomachache.

The leaves of the plant are used as remedy for headache, wound, inflammation, and skin infection.

Juice extracted from the plant is applied (3-4 drops) into ears to relieve ear infection.

Distribution: The species commonly occurs throughout the country.

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