Scientific name: Clerodendrum thomsoniae Balf.f.

Family: Verbenaceae

Synonym: Clerodendrum balfourii  Dombrain

Bengali/Vernacular name: Hridoyhara, Hridoykhora.

English name: Bledding heart, Glory bower.

Description of the plant: A climbing shrub, up to 7 m long, branches, and branchlets obtusely 4-angled. Leaves simple, opposite, broadly ovate, entire, shortly acuminate, sub-cordate to round at the base, minutely and sparsely pubescent below. Terminal clusters of inflorescence of odd “Bag Flower” white calyxes from which emerge brilliant red “Bleeding Heart” corollas. Fruits drupaceous, glossy-black, with bright red aril within, uniting the 4 pyrenes.

Clerodendrum thomsoniae 

Plant parts used: Leaf.

Ethnomedicinal uses: A paste is made with the leaves of the plant is applied externally on the forehead and kept from sunrise to sunset for seven days to treat cluster headache, smoking is prohibited during the period of treatment.

The paste is prepared from the leaves of the plant is applied on the affected part of the body once a day for 20 days to treat lipoma (tumour).

Distribution: It is introduced and planted in gardens in Dhaka city and other urban areas.

Is this plant misidentified? If yes, please tell us….



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