Family: Myrtaceae

Synonym:Syzygium macrocarpum Bahadur & R.C.Gaur

Bengali/Vernacular name: Chaltajam.

Tribal name: Chi-ya-bang (Marma).

Description of the plant: A medium sized evergreen tree, all parts glabrous. Leaves 15-35 X6-14 cm, oblong-lanceolate to elliptic or oblanceolate, coriaceous, minutely dotted, shortly acuminate. Cymes subcorymbose, few-flowered, terminal; flowers sessile or subsessile, 5-9 cm across when fully expanded, pale pink. Fruit a globose berry, 5 cm or more in diameter, several-seeded, crowned by the inflexed calyx lobes.

Plant parts used: Leaf.

Herbal uses: Ash made with the leaves of the plant is advised to take once a day to treat asthma.

The leaves of theplant are used to treat dysentery.

Juice of leaves is used for havingbath to treat fever.

Distribution: It commonly occurs in the hilly evergreen forests of Sylhet and Chittagong districts.

Is this plant misidentified? If yes, please tell us….


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