Scientific name: Spermacoce exilis (L.O.Williams) C.D.Adams ex W.C.Burger & C.M.Taylor 

Family: Rubiaceae

Synonym: Borreria exilis L.O.Williams, Borreria repens DC.

Bengali/Vernacular name: Butamphul.

English name: Pacific false buttonweed.

Description of the plant: An annual herb. Stem decumbent, many branched, sparsely to densely crisped puberulent in lines on the angles. Leaves opposite, elliptic to elliptic-lanceolate, 0.4-3.5 cm long, apex acute to rounded, base cuneate. Flowers few in axillary, dense, sessile clusters, white. Fruits oblong, compressed, 2-lobed, finely transversely wrinkled, and very shortly pubescent; seeds oblong ellipsoid.

Spermacoce exilis

Parts used: Leaf.

Ethnomedicinal uses: Paste prepared from leaves of the plant is applied on the forehead twice a day until the headache is cured.

A paste is made with leaves of the plants are applied on the affected parts of the body once a day for 15 days to treat rheumatism.

Distribution: The species is found in Noakhali, Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, Laksmipur, Maulvi Bazar, and Sylhet.

Is this plant misidentified? If yes, please tell us….


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