Scientific name: Solanum sisymbriifolium Lam.

Family: Solanaceae

Synonym: Solanum sisymbriifolium f. lilacinum Kuntze

Bengali/Vernacular name: Kanta begun, Kantikari.

Tribal name: Cow-kha-ray-pawn (Rakhaing), Karnophuli (Chakma).

English name: Prickly brinjal.

Description of the plant: A densely prickly perennial herb. Leaves are up to 30 cm long, sinutely lobed or deeply pinnatified, pinnae lobed. Leaves have thorns. Even the sepals are armed with yellow prickles. Star-like flowers are purplish or white, 1.6-3.5 cm across, with ovate petals, 1 cm long, 4-8 mm wide. Filaments are about 1 mm, with prominent yellow lance-shaped anthers, about 9 mm long. Fruit is a berry, looking like a small tomato, red in color, and finally turning yellow, 1.2 cm in diameter.

Solanum sisymbriifolium

Plant parts used: Leaf, root.

Ethnomedicinal uses: Pea-sized pills are made from the leaves of the plant are taken with warm water to treat hysteria.

A fresh juice is extracted from the roots of the plant are administered for the treatment of stomachache. 

Fresh juice extracted from the roots of the plant is taken twice a day (two tea spoons amount each time) until the remittent fever is cured.

Distribution: The species occurs frequently throughout the country.

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