Family: Verbenaceae

Synonym:Nyctanthes dentata Blume

Bengali/Vernacular name: Sheuli, Shefali, Sinkhora, Horsinghora, Shefalika.

Tribal name: Shinguri phul (Chakma), Shingraphul (Hajong), Ru-raa-bawn (Rakhaing), Hingra-bubar (Tripura).

English name: Night jasmine, Coral jasmine, Sorrowful tree, Indian mourner.

Description of the plant: A small deciduous tree; branchlets rough, pubescent, 4-angular. Leaves opposite, 5-10 cm long, 3-7 cm wide, ovate to ovate-oblong, shortly acuminate at the apex, rounded, cuneate at the base, margin entire or distantly toothed, densely pubescent beneath with appressed hairs. Flowers 1-1.5 cm across, fragrant, petals white, tube and throat orange, 3-7 together on quadrangular peduncles. Capsule 2 cm long and as broad, obcordate or nearly orbicular, compressed, 2-celled.

Plant parts used: Leaf, bark, flower, root.

Herbal uses: A decoction made with the leaves of the plant is taken twice a day until the gout is cured.

A fresh juice extracted from the leaves of the plant is used for the treatment of hepatomegaly.

Decoction prepared from leaves of the plant is taken once a day for five days to treat malaria.

A decoction of leaves, bark, roots, and flowers of the plant is used for the treatment of intestinal worms, fever, rheumatism, and enlargement of spleen.

Powder made from the leaves of the plantis taken with water to treat obesity.

Distribution: The species is found throughout the country.

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