Family: Solanaceae

Synonym: Nicotiana crispa Cav.                             

Bengali/Vernacular name: Bontamak.

Tribal name: Vaihlo (Lushai).

English name: Tex-mex tobacco.

Description of the Plant: A slender, erect, viscidly pubescent, branched, annual herb, up to 90 cm tall. Leaves oblong, elliptic or ovate with cuneate base, margin wavy, obtuse, lower ones 15-18 X 8-10 cm, upper gradually smaller, lanceolate, undulate, acute. Inflorescence a false raceme with a 3-7 mm long stalk;flowers with a long narrow corolla-tube, abruptly flaring open into petals which are ovate, acute. The tube is pale green or purplish, long and slender, 3.5-4.5 cm long. Capsule 1 cm long; seeds small, many, dark brown.

Plant parts Used: Leaf, stem.

Traditional Uses: A fresh juice extracted from leaves and stems of the plant is applied to the cutting wound twice a day to stop bleeding from cutting wound.
Leaf paste is applied to treat herpes zoster.
A paste made with leaves and stems of the plant is applied to the biting place for three days to treat snake bites.
A mixture of the dried leaves along with those of Azadirachta indica (Local name-Nim) are roasted together in a closed container; the steam or smoke coming out through a small hole is allowed to come in contact with the anus of persons suffering from piles. 
A paste made with the leaves and stems of the plant is applied to the forehead twice a day until the headache is cured.

Distribution: It is found throughout the country.

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