Family: Sapotaceae

Synonym:Bassia longifolia J.Koenig ex L.

Bengali/Vernacular name: Mohua.

Tribal name: Unn-rain (Murang), Aarra-bawn (Rakhaing).

English name: Butter tree, Mahua tree.

Description of the plant: A medium-sized to large, handsome, deciduous tree. Leaves simple, alternate, petiolate, clustered at the end of branches, elliptic-oblong, 12-20 cm long, base broad, apex acuminate.Flowers cream-coloured, fleshy, sweet, in dense clusters near the end of branches, drooping. Fruit a berry, egg-shaped, greenish, usually 1-seeded.

Plant parts used: Leaf, bark, flower, seed.

Herbal uses: The leaves of the plant crushed with sesame oil can be heated and applied tothe affected area to treat eczema.

Infusion of bark is taken to treat diarrhoea.

The oil from the seeds is used in the treatment of skin diseases.

The bark of the plant is used for the treatment of tonsillitis, leprosy, and fever.

The ash of the leaves can be mixed with ghee and used as a dressing to relieve burns and scalds. It can also be used to relieve itching problems.

Decoction of stem bark is used to treat scabies.

The flowers of the plant are used in the treatment of cough and cold.

The leaves of the plant are used to treat chronic bronchitis.

Distribution: It occurs throughout the country.

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