Family: Lamiaceae

Synonym: Leucas indica (L.) Sm.,  Leucas zeylanica (L.) R. Br.                     

Bengali/Vernacular name: Lankadron, Kusha, Shetadrone, Gatta tumba.

Tribal name: Pai thung sa (Marma), Ghtto dangal (Chakma).

English name: Ceylon leucas.

Description of the Plant: An erect, stout, aromatic annual herb, up to 50 cm high. Stem well branched, branches quadrangular, grooved, hispidulous with scattered spreading hairs. Leaves petiolate, lamina broadly elliptic to elliptic-lanceolate, remotely serrate, acute. Inflorescence of terminal whorls, rarely axillary, white. Nutlets obovoid-oblong, smooth, brownish-black.

Plant parts Used: Leaf, whole plant.

Traditional Uses: Hot water extract of whole plant is used to treat inflammation, dyspepsia, and jaundice.
The leaves are used as a poultice to treat itch, and vertigo.
Whole plant is rubbed to the abdomen after childbirth.
Sap of the leaves is used for sores of eyes, and nostrils.
Paste prepared from the plant is used to treat headache.
Crushed leaves are used to treat mild fever, cold, rheumatism, and as a decoction against roundworm, mainly for children.
Whole plant extract is used orally to treat scabies, psoriasis, and snake bite.

Distribution: This species occurs in most of the districts.

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