Family: Limnocharitaceae

Synonym: Limnocharis plumieri Rich.                     

Bengali/Vernacular name: Letuce pana.

English name:  Yellow sawah lettuce, Yellow burr head, Yellow velvet leaf. 

Description of the Plant: A perennial aquatic herb with white latex. Leaves erect, in a cluster, standing out of water, lamina oblong to broadly ovate. Inflorescence umbelliform, 2-12 flowered on a 3-angled, pale yellow color. Fruit a follicle. Seeds black, many in each carpel.

Plant parts Used: Leaf.

Traditional Uses: A paste made with the leaves of the plant is applied to treat boils.
Decoction prepared from the leaves of the plant is taken twice a day (30 ml amount each time) until the asthma, and malaria is cured. 
Juice extracted from the leaves of the plant is used to relieve ear pain.
The leaves of the plant are used for the treatment of swelling, hemorrhoids, toothache, and hypertension.

Distribution: It is found in the paddy fields, swamps and canals in Chittagong districts.

Is this plant misidentified? If yes, please tell us….


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