Family: Lythraceae

Synonym:Lagerstroemia major Retz. 

Bengali/Vernacular name: Jarul, Kantajarul, Bonjarul, Paniajarul.

Tribal name: Khamong-paa (Chak), Kha mong (Mogh), Kha mong pa (Marma).

English name:Crepe flower, Queen flower, Pride of India, Indian lilac.

Description of the plant: A medium-sized to large much branched deciduous tree. Leaves opposite, elliptic or oblong-lanceolate, 10-20 cm long, acuminate at the apex, acute to rounded at the base. Inflorescence a terminal panicle; flowers large, showy, mauve-purple, 5-7 cm across. Fruit a capsule, ellipsoid or sub-globose.

Plant parts used: Leaf, bark, fruit, root.

Herbal uses: A decoction made with the barks of the plant is advised to take once a day (50 ml amount) for 30 days to treat anaemia.

Leaf decoction or infusion isused for bladder and kidney inflammation, dysuria, and other urinary dysfunctions.

Roots have been used for a variety of stomach ailments.

A fresh juice extracted from the barks of the plant is taken twice a day for three days to treat flatulence.

Decoction prepared from the dried fruits of the plant is used to treat diabetes.

Decoction of bark is advised to treat diarrhoea. 

Pea-sized pills made with barks of the plant are taken twice a day (one pill each time) for one month to treat general weakness.

Pea-sized pills made with the barks of the plant are taken thrice a day until the tetanus is cured.

Distribution: It is found throughout the country.

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