Family: Cyperaceae

Synonym: Kyllinga cephalotes Druce                     

Bengali/Vernacular name: Subasinirbisa.

Tribal name: Kouthum (Manipuri).

English name: White-flowered Kyllinga, Whitehead spikesedge.

Description of the Plant: A rhizomatous perennial herb.  Leaves many, usually shorter than the stem, linear, 1.5-3 mm wide. Inflorescence a single head, first snowy  white, turning fulvous after anthesis. Nutlets ovate-oblong. 

Plant parts Used: Leaf, rhizome.

Traditional Uses: The plant leaves are traditionally used for the relief of malarial chills, pruritus of the skin, and thirst due to fever.
Paste prepared from leaves of the grass is applied to treat snakebite.
Decoction prepared from roots of the plant is given in cough.
Root decoction is taken for the control of diabetes.
Traditionally, the plant is used for the treatment of hepatopathy, splenopathy, and tumors.
Paste prepared from the rhizome mixed with milk is taken for worm infection treatment.
Infusion made from leaves and stems of the plant is used for the treatment of headache, muscle pain, and fever.

Distribution: The plant is very common and occurs throughout the country.

Is this plant misidentified? If yes, please tell us….



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