Family: Convolvulaceae

Synonym:Batatas triloba (L.) Choisy

Bengali name: Bonno alu.

English name: Littlebell, Three-lobemorning glory. 

Description of the plant: An annual climber with 1–3 m long, somewhat angled stems. Leaves cordate, acuminate, mostly 5–10 cm long, longer than wide, not always three-lobed as the specific epithet suggests. Inflorescence axillary, peduncle shorter to longer than the petiole, angular toward the apex, one-flowered or cymosely few to several-flowered, branches of the cyme very short. Flowers aggregate, pedicels glabrous, 2.5 to 8 mm, closing before noon, sepals slightly unequal, corolla 5–lobed, funnelshaped, 20–22mm long, glabrous, pinkish, with or without white markings. Fruit a capsule, depressed globose with sharp point, bristly hairy.

Plant parts used: Leaf.

Herbal uses: A decoction prepared from theleaves of the plant is taken twice a day (30 ml amount each time) for three days to treat stomachache.

A paste made with the leaves of the plant is applied to the forehead twice a day for two days to treat headache.

A paste prepared from the leaves of the plant is applied to treat boils and acne.

Decoction of the whole plant is used in the management of diabetes mellitus. 

Distribution: The species is found in Dhaka and Chittagong district.

Is this plant misidentified? If yes, please tell us….



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