Family: Clusiaceae

Synonym: Hypericum chinense Osbeck                               

Bengali/Vernacular name: Japani hyper.

Tribal name: Chalakajhaar (Chakma). 

English name: Matted st. john’s wort, Japanese st. john’s wort. 

Description of the Plant: A terrestrial, annual, tufted herb, up to 40 cm tall. Stem erect or rising, quadrangular, solid, hairless. Leaves simple, not lobed or divided, opposite, stalkless, ovate, less than 2 cm long/wide, hairless on both sides, dots present, margin entire, tip blunt, base heart-shaped, parallel-veined. Flowers bisexual, grouped in a terminal one to few-flowered cyme, stalked. Flowers 4-8 mm across, stellate, pale to bright yellow or orange. Fruit a capsule, opening with 3 valves.

Plant parts Used: Whole plant.

Traditional Uses: Decoction prepared from the plant is taken for the treatment of fever, and stomachache.
Combined with ginger, and ash salt, it is used in the treatment of malaria.
Paste prepared from the plant is used to treat wounds, leech and snake bites, swellings, abscesses, scrofula, and fungal skin diseases.
Plant decoction is used in the treatment of asthma, dysentery, acute hepatitis, pain in the liver region, and appendicitis.

Distribution: This species is found in Chittagong, and Bandarban.       

Is this plant misidentified? If yes, please tell us….      



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