Scientific name: Heliotropium indicum L.

Family: Boraginaceae

Synonym: Heliotropium velutinum DC.

Bengali/Vernacular name: Hatisur

Tribal name: Maha-tala (Khumi); Paaida, Si mar hong, Chaonamo (Marma); Fokfolok (Pangkhoa); Shong-un-maa (Murang); Tagno-sthei (Rakhaing); Adosarda, Etusure (Chakma).

English name: Heliotrope, Indian heliotrope, Indian turnsole, Scorpion weed.

Description of the plant: An annual, erect, hirsute, sub-succulent herb, up to 65 cm high. Leaves alternate to sub-opposite triangular-ovate, up to 8 cm long, upper surface wrinkled and with scattered bristles, somewhat more hairy below; base decurrent down the long petiole. Flowers small, pale violet, numerous, sessile, 2-ranked, in simple or rarely forked, usually extra-axillary spikes, 5-15 cm long. Fruits deeply bilobed, beaked cocci, each lobe compressed, bluntly 4-ribbed.

Heliotropium indicum

Plant parts used: Leaf and stem.

Medicinal uses: Decoction is prepared from leaves and stems of the plant are used for washing cuts and sores.

Paste is made with the leaves and stems of the plant are applied on the boils to treat it.

Juice extracted from leaves and stems of the plant is used for the treatment of facial acne.

Decoction of leaves and stems used as gargle for the treatment of sore throats and tonsillitis.

Powder is made with leaves and stems of the plant is used to treat dermatitis and eczema.

Distribution: Throughout Bangladesh in fallow lands.

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