Family: Convolvulaceae

Synonym:Convolvulus nummularius L., Evolvulus repens D. Parodi

Bengali/Vernacular name: Bhuiokra, Bhui akra, Bhui ankara.

Tribal name: Saing maning kak (Chakma), Mringka (Marma).

English name: Roundleaf bindweed.

Description of the plant: An annual herb, with creeping stems and small rounded leaves alternately arranged on the stems. Leaves broadly ovate to orbicular, apex rounded to slightly emarginate, base rounded to subcordate. Small white flowers occur 1-2 per leaf axil. The flowers tiny, only 7-8 mm across, five-petalled, typical morning glory form. 

Plant parts used: Whole plant.

Herbal uses: Fresh juice extracted from the plant is taken thrice a day (10 ml amount each time) for 20 days to treat painful micturition.

An extract made with the plant is taken twice a day (100 ml amount each time) until the ureterolithiasis is cured.

A paste made with the plant is applied to the infected skin once a day for seven days to treat scabies.

The plant is used for the treatment of hysteria, to cure burns, cuts, wounds, and scorpion stings.

Distribution: The species commonly occurs throughout the country.

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