Family: Orchidaceae

Synonym: Corymborkis assamica Blume, Corymborkis longiflora (Hook.f.) Burkill

Bengali/Vernacular name: Corymvarsh orchid.

English name: Corymborkis.

Description of the Plant: A terrestrial herb. Stem woody, thick, up to 1 m tall. Leaves large, 30-44 cm long, 7-10 cm wide, elliptic-lanceolate, caudate-acuminate, scattered with sheathing bases. Panicles 10-15 cm long. Flowers axillary in panicles, 2-3 cm across, greenish-white. Sepals and petals subsimilar, narrowly oblanceolate, with the upper one-third deflexed. Lip similar in size with the sepals and other petals, narrowly clawed which encloses the column and flares into an ovate blade with crenulate margin, blade of lip lanceolate, acuminate.

Plant parts Used: Leaf, root.

Traditional Uses: The fresh leaf juice is used to induce vomiting in plant poisoning, food poisoning, and indigestion.
Juice extracted from fresh leaves of the plant, it is bitter in taste and used in constipation.
An infusion of the leaves and a decoction of the roots are taken as a purge.
The juice of the fresh leaves is given as an emetic to reduce fever, especially in children.

Distribution: This orchid is found in forests of Chittagong, and Chittagong Hill Tracts.

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