Scientific name: Corchorus olitoriusL.

Family: Tiliaceae

Synonym: Corchorus tridens L., Corchorus trilocularis L.

 Bengali/vernacular: Toshapat, Mithapat, Lalitapat, Bogipat (Bengali); Mida hat (Noakhali).

Tribal name: Shoow-haa-bawn (Rakhaing).

English name: Jew’s mallow, Tossa jute.

Description of the plant: A tall annual, up to 2 m or more high. Leaves oblong to lanceolate, cuspidate at the apex, base rounded or cuneate, leaf base with a pair of filiform appendages, margin serrate to serrulate, 3-nerbed at the base, secondary nerves 3-7 pairs, scalariform veins distinct on lower surface, petiole sparsely hairy. Flowers pale yellow. Capsule 3-6.3 cm long, linear, cylindric, and erect.

Corchosus olitorius

Plant parts used: Leaf.

Medicinal uses: Infusion of leaves is taken for the treatment of dysuria and weakness.

Leaves juice with some turmeric powder is taken for the treatment of bloody dysentery.

Distribution: Cultivated all over the country.

Is this plant misidentified? If yes, please tell us….



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