Family: Vitaceae

Synonym:Vitis trifolia L.

Bengali/Vernacular name: Amol lata, Anal lata, Anol lata.

Tribal name: Lodi mallang (Chakma), Paranga ludi (Tanchangya).

English name: Fox grape, Three-leaf cayratia, Bush grape, Three-leaved wild vine.

Description of the plant: A perennial vine, climbing by means of tendrils found opposite the leaves. Leaves pinnatelytrifoliate, petioles up to 10cm long. Leaflets ovate to oblong-ovate, 2-8 cm long, 1.5-5 cm wide, pointed at the tip, and coarsely toothed at the margins. Flowers small, greenish white, borne on axillary and solitary cymes. Fruit a berry, fleshy, juicy, dark purple or black, subglobose, and about 1 cm in diameter.

Plant parts used: Leaf, stem, root, seed.

Herbal uses: An extract prepared from leaves and stems of the plant is given in abdominal pain to treat it.

Paste prepared from the leaves and stems of the plant is applied to boils and pimples to treat it.

Decoction of leaves and stems of the plant is advised to give in high fever.

Paste prepared from the roots of the plant is applied to treat the boils, and snake bite.

Infusion of seeds isused for the control of diabetes.

The leaves and roots are commonly used for poulticing ulcers of the nose.

The juice extracted from the leaves of the plant, combined with the juice of young pineapple, is used on the head as a treatment for itch and dandruff.

The heated leaves are applied as a poultice on boils in order to relieve inflammation.

Distribution: The species occurs in the Chittagong, Rangamati, and Dhaka districts.

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