Family: Vitaceae

Synonym: Vitis japonica Thunb.                                     

Bengali/Vernacular name: Japani goalilata.

Tribal name: El-lid (Chakma).

English name: Bushkiller.

Description of the Plant: A slender fleshy climber, whole plant covered with a short soft pubescence. Tendrils leaf-opposed, simple or forked. Leaves pedately 5-foliolate, leaflets 3-12 x 2-4 cm, ovate-lanceolate to obovate, shortly acuminate, base connate, margin sharply serrate, petioles up to 7.5 cm long. Inflorescence an umbellate cymose panicle. Flowers hermaphrodite, greenish-white color. Fruits white, turbinate, globose, 2-4 seeded.

Plant parts Used: Leaf, stem, flower, and root.

Traditional Uses: The dried and powdered flowers of the plant are used in the treatment of fever.
The boiled leaves, combined with onion and lime, are applied to the head as a remedy for violent headache.
Juice extracted from the leaves and stems of the plant is taken to treat malaria.
Paste made with the leaves is applied externally to treat neck swelling.
Leaves of the plant and fresh ginger are pounded and taken with fine wine to treat sores and boils.
Smashed plant is taken with rice wine to treat snake bites.
Decoction prepared from the roots of the plant is advised to take for the treatment of gonorrhea.

Distribution: This species is found in the forest areas of Chittagong, Khagrachari, Rangamati, and Sylhet districts.

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