Family: Brassicaceae

 Synonym: Brassica rapa L.  subsp. rapa                             

Bengali/Vernacular name: Shalgam.

English name: Turnip, Neep crop.

Description of the Plant: An annual or biennial herb with tuberous taproot. Stem erect, branched, up to 1.5 m tall, more or less hairy below, glabrous above. Leaves variable, lower leaves bright green, lyrate-pinnatifid, usually 5-jugate, 10-30 cm long and 5-10 cm across. Inflorescence a loosely corymbiform raceme, 30-40 flowered. Flowers 6-10 mm across, dull to golden-yellow. Fruit a silique, linear, beaked, yellowish; seeds globose, yellowish brown.

Plant parts Used: Leaf, root, flower, and seed.

Traditional Uses: A paste made with the roots of the plant is applied externally twice or thrice a day to the forehead to treat fever.
A decoction of the leaves or stems is used in the treatment of cancer.
Roots of the plant are used for the treatment of inflammation.
Powder made with seeds of the plant is said to be a folk remedy for cancer.
The crushed ripe seeds are used as a poultice on burns.
The root when boiled with lard is used for breast tumors.
Ointment derived from the flowers is said to help skin cancer.
An extract made with the roots of the plant, after adding few drops of honey it is taken thrice a day (10 ml amount each time) for three days to treat cough.

Distribution: It is cultivated almost throughout the country.

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