Family: Commelinaceae

Synonym: Forrestia hookeri Hassk.                       

Bengali/Vernacular name: Msautotra.

Tribal name: Msautotra (Tripura), Surungchu (Marma).

English name: Amischotolype.

Description of the Plant: An herb with simple stems, erect distally, procumbent proximally. Common on shady slopes of hill. Leaf sheaths overlapping in distal part of stem, densely brownish yellow hirsute; leaf blade elliptic, adaxially sparsely hispid or glabrous, abaxially yellow hirsute along veins or throughout, base cuneate, apex caudate-acuminate. Heads with up to 10 flowers, to 3 cm in diam. in fruit. Sepals ovate-oblong, subglabrous. Petals pale purple-red. Capsule ovoid, trigonous, much longer than persistent sepals, sparsely brown-hirsutulous, conical-tapered at apex. Seeds rugose.

Plant parts Used: Leaf, young shoots, root.

Traditional Uses: Tender leaves boiled and eaten with rice to reduce naval pain.
Infusion made from the roots of the plant is drunk to treat rheumatism.
Decoction prepared from the roots of the plant is advised to take for the treatment of fever.
Paste prepared from the young shoots is applied to the forehead for remedy of headache.

Distribution: This species is found in the forests of Chittagong.

Is this plant misidentified? If yes, please tell us….


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