Family: Orobanchaceae

Synonym: Aeginetia aeginetia Huth                       

Bengali/Vernacular name: Agienata.

Tribal name: Buishakphul gulu (Chakma).

English name: Forest ghost flower, Ye gu.

Description of the Plant:  A gregarious root parasite seen on shaded forest floor during monsoon. Leafless flowers are in one group, red purple or even white 2-4 cm, solitary on a slender erect scape 15-25 cm tall. Flowers have a curious shape – the sepal tube 2-4 cm long, and is split, from which emerges a rosy pink flowers tube. They look like rose-buds in brownish holders, which, occurs on forest floor covered with decayed leaves.

Plant parts Used: Root, whole plant.

Traditional Uses: Infusion made with the plant is taken internally for diabetes control.
The plant is used to treat chronic liver diseases, cough, and arthritis.
Infusion of the plant is used against hepatitis disease.
Juice extracted from the roots of the plant is advised to take for the treatment of fever.
Infusion of whole plant is taken for the treatment of kidney disease.

Distribution: It occurs in Chittagong, Dhaka, and Mymensingh districts.

Is this plant misidentified? If yes, please tell us….


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