Scientific name: Alternanthera philoxeroides (Mart.) Griseb.

Family: Amaranthaceae

Synonym: Achyranthes philoxeroides (Mart.) Stand.

Bengali/Vernacular name: Helencha, Hinchashak, Harahcho (Bengali); Elisa hata (Noakhali).

Tribal name: Anlochi, keckrock shag (Chakma); Tidi dog (Marma); Rohakhoine (Tripura).

English name: Alligator weed.

Description of the plant: A perennial, polymorphic herb, emergent or rooted floating. Stems pinkish, can become hollow when larger. Leaves opposite, oblong or linear-oblong, lanceolate, occasionally a few indistinct teeth on margin. Flowers whitish, papery ball-shaped, grow on long stalks from upper leaf axils.

Alternanthera philoxeroides

Plant parts used: Leaf and stem.

Medicinal uses: Decoction made from leaves and stems of the plant is taken in empty stomach to treat night blindness.

Taken as a decoction with salt, it’s used to stop vomiting.

Distribution: It is found in almost all parts of the country.



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