Scientific name: Aegle marmelos (L.) Corr.

Family: Rutaceae

Synonym: Crataeva marmelos L.

Bengla/Vernacular name: Bel.

Tribal name: Belgulu, Uraik fang (Chakma); Uraifang (Chak); Krah-hinor (Khasia); Thing-sharuh (Lushai); Orayapang sthei, Orey sthei (Rakhaing);  Shephalbupaong, Siplaw bofang (Tripura); War-e-si apang (Marma).

English name: Wood apple, Bel fruit, Bengal quince, Stone apple.

Description of the plant: A small to medium-sized aromatic tree, deciduous; stem and branches, light brown to green; strong axillary spines present on the branches. Leaves, alternate, pale green, 3-foliolate, occasionally 5-foliolate, petiolate, lateral leaflets ovate-elliptic. Flowers greenish-white, in short axillary panicles. Fruit large, globose, with hard woody shell.

Aegle marmelos

Plant parts used: Fruit.

Medicinal uses: Fruit juice is taken for the treatment of constipation, diarrhoea and dysentery.

Distribution: Cultivated in homesteads as a fruit tree and also grows wild.


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