Three dicotyledon plant species belong to three different families of angiosperm include Symphorema involucratumfrom Verbenaceae, Miliusa balansae from Annonaceae and Spermacoce ocymoides from Rubiaceaehave been recorded for the first time from Bangladesh. They are collected from Chittagong and Chittagong hill tracts. Each species is presented with updated nomenclature, taxonomic description, ecology, geographical distribution, places of occurrence in Bangladesh and field photographs of these three new records are also provided.

Figure . A, Symphorema involucratum; B, Miliusa balansae; C & D, Spermacoce ocymoides.  

PDF Available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/293813181_Three_new_records_of_dicotyledonous_plants_from_Bangladesh


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