Synonym: Dendrobium teres Roxb.,Vanda teres (Roxb.) Lindl.

Bengali/Vernacular name:Paphoteri orchid.

English name:Cylindrical vanda.

Description of the plant: An epiphytic scrambling herb, roots piercing through leaf sheaths. Stem branched, terete, long, covered by leaf sheaths. Leaves cylindrical and bluntly pointed, 8-20 cm long. Inflorescence leaf-opposed, racemose, laxly 3 to 6-flowered, peduncles ridged, sheathed. Flowers 4-10 cm across, long lasting, fragrant, sepals and petals white to pink, lip darker pink with a yellow base veined with pink, spur with a yellow mouth. Fruits strongly ridged, cylindric.

Plant parts used: Leaf, stem.

Herbal uses:Paste prepared from the leaves and stems of the orchid is applied to the forehead to keep it cool during high fever and also used for the treatment of cold and cough.

Paste of the orchid is applied to treat dislocated bones.

Distribution:The species is found in Chittagong, Cox’s Bazar, and Sylhet districts, and the Chittagong Hill Tracts.

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