Family: Hydrocharitaceae

Synonym: Stratiotes alismoides L.                         

Bengali/Vernacular name: Panicola, Ramkarala, Kuchkolai, Tarukala, Shamakala, Rashkarali.

Tribal name: Kairali (Hajong).

English name: Water plantain, Duck lettuce.

Description of the Plant: A submerged herb, rooted in the mud. The floating leaves broad-ovate, sub-orbicular or cordate-reniform, transparent to transluscent, dentate or entire, base cordate or truncate, apex obtuse, sometimes apiculate. The submerged leaves elliptic-lanceolate, veins 7-11, converging, the base gradually merging into a 10-30 cm long petiole. Spathes peduncled, the sessile female and hermaphrodite ones 1-flowered, pedicelled male ones many-flowered. Sepals 3. Petals 3, white with a yellow spotted base, rarely yellow. Fruits oblong, apex attenuate. Seeds many, oblong or fusiform with thick testa.

Plant parts Used: Leaf, flower, seed.

Traditional Uses: The plant is applied to the arms and legs as a poultice against fever.
Flower paste taken orally early morning for curing hemorrhoids.
Dry leaf powder applied externally for various skin ailments.
Paste prepared from the plant is applied to abscesses of the breasts, cancer, ulcers, and burns.
Decoction made with the ground leaves is advised to take for the treatment of pneumonia.
Paste of dry seeds used externally on boils for relief of burning sensation.

Distribution: It occurs all over the country.

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