Synonym:Commelina spirata L.

Bengali/Vernacular name:Shishir murdan.

Tribal name: Hanki-zachi (Garo).

English name:Asiatic dew-flower.

Description of the plant:A small annual herb, with erect stems, rooting at lower nodes. Alternately arranged stalkless leaves are 1-3 cm long. Lower ones linear-lanceshaped, upper ones oblong, heart-shaped, stem-clasping. Flowers borne in branched panicles, blue, carried on 2 cm long stalks, 3 rounded petals and 3 fertile stamens with bearded filaments. Filaments of staminodes are naked. Fruit a capsule, 2-3 mm across round. 

Plant parts used: Leaf, stem, root.

Herbal uses:Paste prepared from the plant with common salt is applied to the affected area for the treatment of leprosy.

A paste made with leaves and stems of the plant is applied to the infected face twice a day until the acne is cured.

A fresh juice extracted from the leaves and stems of the plant is applied into the ear twice a day (two to three drops each time) for five days to treat otitis media.

A paste made with the leaves of the plant is applied to the infected skin once a day for three days to treat scabies.

Root paste with goat milk is prescribed to cure asthma.

Distribution: It occurs in meadows and paddy fields throughout the country.

Is this plant misidentified? If yes, please tell us….


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