Shariatpur district is an administrative district in Bangladesh, which includes six sub-districts of Bangladesh. Shariatpur district is surrounded by Padma, Meghna and Arial Khan rivers from three sides. This district contains many Chars (Riverine islands). An ethnobotanical survey was conducted among the traditional healers and indigenous people of Shariatpur district resulted in the finding of 25 plants distributed into 17 families. Various plants were used for the treatment of ailments like diabetes, respiratory disorders (coughs, mucus), fever, sexual disorders (gonorrhea, loss of libido), gastrointestinal disorders (dysentery, diarrhea, indigestion), vomiting, skin diseases (eczema, rash, herpes, acne), gum diseases, high blood pressure, piles, small pox, chicken pox, itch, bronchitis, asthma, febrile convulsion, dehydration, scabies, stomach pain, snake bite, insect bite, fresh cuts and wound, memory weakness and for blood purification.

Fig. 1: Location map of Shariatpur District, Bangladesh.

PDF available from: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/341709994_A_Survey_of_Medicinal_Plants_Used_by_Traditional_Healers_and_Indigenous_People_of_Shariatpur_District_Bangladesh/figures


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