Scientific name: Ludwigia hyssopifolia (G.Don) Exell

Family: Onagraceae

Synonym: Jussiaea hyssopifolia G.Don

Bengali/Vernacular name: Zaikura, Panilong.

Tribal name: Gangchuma (Chakma), Naikrang (Marma).

English name: Seedbox.

Description of the plant: An erect, branched herb, up to 3 m tall, stem angled. Leaves simple, alternate, linear to lanceolate, narrowly cuneate at the base, apex acuminate. Flowers yellow, axillary, solitary, petals 4, free. Capsule linear, 12-25 mm long.

Ludwigia hyssopifolia

Plant parts used: Leaf, flower.

Ethnomedicinal uses: A fresh juice is extracted from the flowers of the plant is taken twice a day (5 ml amount each time) for two days to treat stomachache.

Pea-sized pills are made from the leaves of the plant are advised to take with a little amount of honey for the treatment of gynecological disorder.

A fresh juice is extracted from the leaves of the plant are given for the treatment of hysteria.

Extracted juice is used for the treatment of tetanus.

Distribution: The species commonly occurs throughout the country as weed.

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