Scientific name: Diospyros montana Roxb.

Family: Ebenaceae

Synonym: Diospyros cordifolia Roxb.

Bengali/Vernacular name: Tomal, Bangab, Mohesh kanda.

English name: Bombay ebony, Mountain ebony.

Description of the plant: A small tree, up to 15 m tall, twigs, and trunk with occasional spines. Leaves simple, alternate, ovate-oblong, base cordate, apex acute. Male flowers are borne in 3-flowered clusters, and the female ones singly. Flowers are creamy white or greenish-white, tubular, with 4 petals which are curved back. Fruit a globose berry, yellow when ripe.

Diospyros montana

Plant parts used: Leaf.

Ethnomedicinal uses: A paste is made with the leaves of the plant is applied on the biting place twice a day for four days to treat insect bite.

The plant is used for the treatment of dysuria, neuralgia, pneumonia, menorrhagia, and fever.

Distribution: It is planted along roadsides and in the village groves in many districts, and near Hindu temples.

Is this plant misidentified? If yes, please tell us….


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