Author Name: Chayan  Bikash  Bhadra
Real name: Bikash kumar bhadra

Professional address: Associate Professor and Head of the Department Department of Botany, Muminunnesa Government Women’s College, Mymensingh, Bangladesh
Mobile phone no. 01718343136
E mail ID:

Chayan Bikash Bhadra  has been writing about various types of plants and nature in different national papers of Bangladesh .  On different occasions, daily and periodic publications of Janakantha, Jugantar, Bartaman , Ittefaq, Prokriti Barta, Prokriti Potro , etc. have been published more than  one hundred of  my writings about  plants, nature and environment. Writings about plants started in 1999. Inspiration in Plant and Environmental Writing Even after the writings of late Nawazesh Ahmed and Dwijen Sharma.  Still he is  writing. He want to work with plants and nature  more .

       His little family is with his wife Lipika Sarker  and two sons Protyoy Bhadra Arko and Swapnil Bhadra . Protyoy is a autistic child.

Apart from writing about plant and nature He also a rhyme writer . His books published earlier were Firche Choton Bari (2012), Chander Buri o  onyanyo  Chora  (2013), Choriye dilam Chora  (2014) and Akash jodi boi hoto  (2018) and the book of the children’s  short story, Choton o tar h Vuto  bondhu  (2019).   His book ‘ Banglar shoto udvid ‘ published in February 2020 has become popular. Another book is ‘ Mojar udvid Mojar prani also published in March 2020


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