Scientific name: Carica papaya L.

Family: Caricaceae

Synonym: Carica cubensis Solms, Carica jamaicensis Urb.

Bengali/Vernacular name: Pepe (Bengali), Koiya (Chittagong), Kokieya (Feni), Habiya (Noakhali).

Tribal name: Morodhogeyii, pepey, Hogoya (Chakma); Pegadiangci (Chak); Somphula (Khumi); Thing-phang-ma (Lushai); Betca (Murang); Colra (Pangkhoa); Budda-gaa-sthei, Ptega (Rakhaing); Pirasigula (Tanchangya); Pepo, Cokia (Tripura).

English name: Papaya, Papaw.

Description of the plant: An erect small tree, with spongy stem and white latex, hollow inside. Leaves large, palmately 7-9 lobed, clustered at the top of the trunk, petioles very long, leaf segments oblong, acute deeply toothed. Generally plant dioecious but sometimes monoecious; male flowers in long drooping panicles; female flowers in short clusters. Fruit a pulpy berry, green, turning to yellow or orange-yellow when ripe. Seeds black, wrinkled, each enclosed by a thin mucilaginous membrane derived from the aril.

Carica papaya

Plant parts used: Fruit.

Medicinal uses: Pills made from fruit of the plant is taken twice a day (one pill each time) until the insanity is cured.

The fruit is used in treating bleeding piles.

Distribution: Cultivated all over Bangladesh.

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