Family: Oxalidaceae

Synonym:Averrhoa obtusangula Stokes

Bengali/Vernacular name: Bilimbi, Belumbu, Belumbo.

Tribal name: Belumbi (Chakma), Bilomboo cheraleddu (Hajong), Cangra-bawn (Rakhaing).

English name: Bilimbi, Cucumber tree.

Description of the plant: A small tree, up to 5 m tall. Leaves pinnately compound, alternate, imparipinnate, rachis pubescent. Leaflets subopposite, 10-17 pairs, oblong or linear-lanceolate, 5-10 cm long, acuminate, entire. Panicles growing from the trunk and larger branches hairy; flowers purplish to red. Fruit 7 cm long, more or less uniformly narrowed at both ends, obtuse, faintly 5-angled.

Plant parts used: Leaf, fruit.

Herbal uses: A paste made with the leaves of the plant is applied to the infected face twice a day until the acne is cured.

An extract made with leaves of the plant; hot bath is advised to have once a day for seven days with that extracts to treat skin disease, and itching.

Paste prepared from leaves of the plant is applied to the affected part of the body once a day for three days to treat mumps.

The fruit has been used for a variety of maladies: beriberi, cough, prevention of scurvy.

Leaves of the plant are used for the treatment of fever, and diabetes.

Fruit decoction or syrup isused to treat hepatitis, diarrhoea, and other inflammatory conditions.

The plant is used to treat boils, piles, rheumatism, hypertension, and whooping cough.

Distribution: It is found all over the country, but more abundant in Brahmanbaria district.

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