Family: Orchidaceae

Synonym: Aerides suavissima Lindl.,Aerides virens Lindl.

Bengali/Vernacular name:Sukhphul.

English name:Fragrant aerides.

Description of the plant: Plant epiphytic, monopodial. Stem 10-11 cm long, very stout, sometimes branched. Leaves leathery, up to 25 cm long, flat, coriaceous, distichous, sessile, unequally bilobed at the tip. Inflorescence up to 30 cm long, cylindrical, pendulous with many flowers. Flowers 4 cm long, number of flowers approximately 30, sweetly lemon-scented, waxy white with light amethyst purple shades, bracteate, pedicellate. Both the sepals and petals tipped with purple colour. Lip adnate to short foot of the column, side lobe of the lip is sub-cuneate but middle lobe is short, dark purple colour. Spur curved upward, yellowish-green. Capsule oblong-clavate, angled, subulate.

Plant parts used: Leaf, fruit.

Herbal uses:Paste prepared from the fruits of the orchid is applied to treat wounds.

Poultice of the orchid is used to treat boils and pimples.

Juice extracted from the leaves of the orchid is used for the treatment of ear and nose infections.

Distribution:It is distributed in most of the areas of south east part and greater district of Sylhet.

Is this plant misidentified? If yes, please tell us….


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