Family: Pteridaceae

Synonym: Acrostichum guineense Gaudich.                      

Bengali/Vernacular name: Hodo.

English name: Tiger fern.

Description of the Plant: A coarse fern growing to a height of 2 m. Rootstocks are stout, woody and scaly. Stipes clustered, stout and glabrous, 30-50 cm long. Fronds leathery, pinnate, 50-200 cm long. Leaflets 20-50 cm long, 46 cm wide. Terminal part of the frond has fertile pinnae covered with brownish sporangia. Fertile upper pinnae are smaller than the lower sterile ones.

Plant parts Used: Frond, rhizome.

Traditional Uses: The fronds of the fern are used to stop bleeding.
The fronds of the fern are used to cure cloudy urination in women.
Powdered rhizomes applied as paste to wounds, and boils treatment.
The fertile fronds and roots are used traditionally for syphilitic ulcers treatment.
The fern is used to treat sore throat, chest pain, and elephantiasis.
A paste made with the fronds of the fern is applied to the biting place once a day for two days to treat snake bite.

Distribution: This fern is found in Chittagong.

Is this plant misidentified? If yes, please tell us….



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