I hope all of you heard about 007. For the first time you are going to hear about tripple five (555) project. This tripple five project includes four books which were published in 2014, 2016, 2017, and 2019. First three books each includes 150 and fourth one includes 105 plant details in total 555. For this number I named this tripple five project.  

The main objectives of these book are to provide detailed information about locally important medicinal plants of Bangladesh and to preserve the traditional knowledge of herbal healers on medicinal plants uses. This would help to increase understanding the value of medicinal plants in Bangladesh. These 4 books describes 555 medicinal plants along with digital photos of the plant species. The medicinal plant details have been arranged in alphabetical order according to their latest scientific names, so that readers may not have difficulty finding any particular plant. The scientific name is followed by the family name, important synonyms, vernacular/Bengali names, tribal names, English names, brief botanical description, traditional uses, and distribution of the plant. All the enlisted scientific names of the plants have been checked with the world’s updated “The Plant List (www.theplantlist.org)”, a working list of all world plant species.



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