Moynul Islam
Research associate
NCN-Nature Conservation Network

Moynul Islam Neloi born in 14th December 1995, is an aspiring independent researcher from Bangladesh. He was a student at University of Dhaka, he works as a research associate at Nature Conservation Network-NCN. He is also the editor of trimonthly Bengali language nature magazine ‘প্রকৃতি কথা (Nature Story)’ . Moynul had worked with the first ever ethnobotanical database of Bangladesh nearly 4 years, collaborating with Indigenous communities to help document, retain and promote their traditional knowledge of plants and habitats, including Indigenous foods, materials and medicines, as well as language and vocabulary relating to plants and environments. In 2019 he did a research on ethnomedicinal plants used by the traditional healers & local people of shariatpur District, Bangladesh, this research paper was later published by a internationally acclaimed research journal named ‘Journal of Advanced Botany and Zoology.’ Besides that various other plant and nature related articles of Moynul was published by many renowned national, international and regional platforms. In 2020 Moynul was invited to represent at the 3rd International Conference on Traditional Medicine, Phytochemistry and Medicinal Plants. Currently, Moynul is working with Nature Conservation Network-NCN on multiple research projects. His research interests include native species restoration and conservation, sustainable agriculture, plant taxonomy and systematics, tropical forest ecology, invasive species ecology, environmental education, ethnobotany, ethnomedicine, traditional ecological knowledge, plants of spiritual significance, wild and traditional foods, community empowerment, and global environmental politics.


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