Scientific name: Litchi chinensis Sonn.

Family: Sapindaceae

Synonym: Nephelium litchi Cambess.

Bengali/Vernacular name: Lichu, Lechu (Bengali); Lecu (Noakhali).

Tribal name: Ludijaylla (Chakma), Chupsi (Chak), Raite (Lushai), Raing shang ui (Murang), Taichang (Pangkhoa), Chow-phaa-sthei (Rakhaing).

English name: Litchi, Lychee.

Description of the plant: An evergreen, medium-sized tree. Leaves with petiole 10-20 cm long, leaflets 2-4 pairs, blades adaxially deep green and shiny, lanceolate or ovate-lanceolate, margin entire, slightly recurved, tip acute to acuminate, midrib narrowly grooved above. Flowers minute, greenish or yellowish, in terminal panicles. Fruits globose or ovoid, juicy, bright red or purplish when ripe, variably warty or nearly smooth, 1-seeded.

Litchi chinensis

Plant parts used: Leaf.

Medicinal uses: Paste prepared from leaves of the plant is applied on the affected area to treat the bites of animals.

Distribution: It is widely cultivated throughout the country.

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